7 Key Dating Tips Essential To Any Relationship And Dating Situation

Is Dating Secrets a top new guide on the market, or is it just another imitation that will pale by comparison in the near distant future?

Without a doubt, this dating guide is new and exciting like the author promised it would be. It delves into many aspects of dating that are generally not even mentioned. Everything I read confirmed my opinion that Dating Secrets is an incredibly well-written and very successful dating guide that delivers. I found and read two other reviews and a few short, but informative articles, covering Dating Secrets and they were all written in a positive vein. Even what little bit of speculation and personal opinion I encountered was positive in nature. Tony Sanders has used his familiarity and understanding of the problems, so many guys have, trying to master the art of the pickup, and created a real gem!

Granted, the overall concept isn’t a new one, however, Tony’sguide is loaded with tips based on existing information and tweaked with his own personal experiences, resulting in a new and innovative life style guide that exceeds expectations. Dating Secrets has raised the bar to a much higher level, where it has not only reached a new plateau, it has also set a new standard that leaves other dating guides far behind. No doubt,Dating Secrets will be leading the pack for a long time.

How isDating Secrets Different from Other Dating Guides?

Tony Sanders, by his own admission, was a nerd who suffered through many years of failed attempts to connect with women before he finally acquired confidence and became an accomplished ladies’ man. The things he’s been able to overcome and accomplish, are the exact same things, all you guys reading this, are out there trying to do, possibly tonight, or maybe most nights. You’ll find all the advice and tips you could ever want or need in Dating Secrets, a super-sized dating guide for cultivating success – your success in the dating arena. Other dating guides list all the standard, routine things you need to do to meet women, etc. However, if you’re looking for dating tips and advice for meeting women, you don’t need a list that tells you what to do, think about it, what good is a list if you don’t have the confidence or experience to set it all motion? You’ve probably watched other dudes picking up women before and wondered why women don’t respond to you the way they do to them, and you want to know what makes their game so smooth. Women are drawn to guys who project a strong and confident persona, and they’re interested in what they have to say. Dating Secrets is different from other dating guides because it teaches ways to build your confidence and improve your self-image. It offers everything you need to know about understanding women and how to become one of those guys who is in control and capable of achieving any level of success with women he wants.

Can Dating Secrets be Helpful or Useful to Anyone?

Yes, but newbies, especially, will love this new super-sized dating guide! Guys with little, or even no experience, are the ones who will benefit the most from this down to earth, simply written approach, full of basic instructions, good advice and easy to follow tips. One of Dating Secrets’ main goals is to take the pressure off when a guy enters the world of meeting and attracting women, so it will be a smooth process instead of an overwhelming fiasco.

The introductory chapters discuss subjects like: preconceptions of women and how damaging they can be; communication basics including what you’re doing wrong; a lot of interesting details about attraction – how both men and women are attracted to each other; and finally, how to handle enhanced attraction when you are friends with a woman.

Throughout the guide there’s a lot of discussion about how and where to meet women, the approach and even how to get her phone number and when to set up a date. There is also a lot of useful discussion on topics like conversation, dating and sex – including a detailed process, step-by-step, from topics for interesting conversation, up to and including how to close the date/evening on the couch.

Is Dating Secrets Worth it?

No doubt I’m giving it a thumbs-up. Dating guides have been around for a long time without much success, but Dating Secrets thoroughly covers all the bases. It provides a complete package to help you gain confidence, improve your self-image and be in control so you can accomplish you goal of being successful with women. Dating Secrets is written with success in mind, and the results you achieve will be well worth your investment.

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